CurlManitoba, Photo: Nathan Liewicki, Brandon sun - Viterra Championship

CurlManitoba, Photo: Nathan Liewicki, Brandon sun

Irwin Lone Rural Hopeful Still Alive

Steve Irwin’s Brandon team has advanced to a B-Side Qualifying game as the lone surviving team in the Viterra Championship from outside Winnipeg. Irwin posted a 6-5 victory on the noon draw Friday over Kelly Marnoch (Carberry) and will play Trevor Loreth-Granite at 4PM.

Also advancing is Dennis Bohn (Assiniboine Memorial) who defeated Travis Bale (East St. Paul), scoring three coming home for an 8-7 win. Bohn will play Taylor McIntyre (Pembina) in a B-Qualifier at 4PM.

Jason Gunnlaugson (Granite) was an 8-4 winner over Kyle Foster (Arborg) to advance against Sean Grassie (Fort Rouge) at 4PM.

In the fourth game, Derek Oryniak (Granite) beat Ray Baker (Dauphin) 7-1. Oryniak will play David Bohn (Assiniboine Memorial) on the 4PM qualifying draw.

The winners at 4PM go back [...] Read more

Calvert, Peters Ousted on Thursday Late Viterra Draw

Braden Calvert (Deer Lodge) and Daley Peters (East St. Paul) are among the 16 teams who have been eliminated from the 2017 Viterra Championship at Stride Place in Portage. The two lost by identical 8-5 scores on the late draw Thursday.

Calvert was beaten by Derek Oryniak (Granite) while Peters lost to Steve Irwin (Brandon) in their B-Side elimination games.

In other games on the Thursday evening B-Side draw, Kelly Marnoch (Carberry) defeated Wayne Ewasko (Lorette) 11-5; Dennis Bohn (Assiniboine Memorial) posted a 9-2 win over Rob Fisher (Dauphin); and Ray Baker (Dauphin) was a 7-5 winner over Richard Muntain (Pinawa).

At 12:15PM Friday, Baker will play Oryniak, Irwin will play Marnoch, Bohn will play Travis Bale (East St. Paul) , and Jason Gunnlaugson (Granite) will play Kyle Foster (Arborg).

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